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4x4 info
Website only available in French and Dutch.
The action group 4x4info wants to bring to the attention the disadvantages of 4x4's (or SUV's) for the environment, our health and traffic.

Drive up Safety vzw (DUS)
Website only available in Dutch.
DUS addressess youngsters between 16 and 35 years in a positive way and wants to make them interested in traffic safety.

European Union Road Federation (ERF)
The European Union Road Federation (ERF) is a non-profit association which coordinates the views of Europe’s road sector and acts as a platform for dialogue and research on mobility issues.

Fietsersbond vzw
The bicycle federation looks after the interests of vulnerable road users and sensitizes public opinion. The federation wants to promote cycling and wants to increase traffic safety for bicyclists.

Website only available in Dutch.
Website with information about cycling and cycle routes for West-Flanders, Zeeland Flanders, cycle routes next to the coast and in Belgium and surroundings.

Flemish Automobile Association (VAB)
Since 1924 this idependent membership organization defends the interests of the motorist. With clear viewpoints and constructive initiatives, they pursue a maximum traffic safety and  livability for all road users.

Institut Transport routier & Logistique Belgique (ITLB)
Website only available in French and Dutch.
The ITLB promotes professional freight transport over the road and promotes the related logistic service by undertaking, advancing and co-ordinating studies and researches. Further ITLB offers logistic support to the 'Service public fédéral Mobilité et Transports' when it comes to organizing and developing the above mentioned activities

Website available in French, Germans and Dutch.
Jesuispour.be is a wide, growing group of citizens and organizations with a positive attitude. Together they want to make an active contribution to improve traffic safety. Each within his own domain and his own possibilities. Jesuispour.be is carried by all of his individual members and organizatons. The general co-ordination is in the hands of the 'Institut Belge pour la Sécurité Routière (ISBR)'.

Johanna.be is an organization that pursues safe pedestrian facilities.

Komimo (Koepel Milieu en Mobiliteit vzw)
Website only available in Dutch.
KOMIMO is a permanent consultative platform of a number of organizations active in the domains of environment and/or mobility.

Levenslijn - Kinderfonds
Website only available in Dutch.
Founded by VTM (television company) and managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, this action collects money to increase traffic safety for children and youngsters.

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)
Website only available in French and Dutch.
MAG is an association by and for motorcyclists, promoting the rights of motorcyclists and promoting motorcycling in itself.

MotorCycle Council (MCC)
Website only available in French and Dutch.
The MCC is an advizing organ that represents motorized two-wheelers in Belgium.

Pro Velo vzw
Pro Velo supplies studies about bicycle facilities, organizes events to promote the bicycle as a daily and recreative transport mode and also organizes bicycle education.

Responsible Young Drivers
Sensitizing young drivers between 18 and 29 years.

Royal Automobile Club of Belgium (RACB)
Website only available in French and Dutch.
Gives around the clock information in entire Europe about legal, technical and fiscal information to its members and also gives free assistance.

Website only available in French and Dutch.
Offers road assistance, travel assistance and insurance and traffic safety services.

Trein Tram Bus
Pursues a more important role for public transport in the traffic system and defends the interests of the users of public transport.

Veilig Verkeer Nederland
Website only available in Dutch.
Unites people that recognize the importance of safe traffic and which to devote theirself to the cause. 

Website only available in Dutch.
Pursues a safe, accessible, comfortable and livable public domain.

Website only available in French and Dutch.
Open house for everybody that dedicates oneself to a better reception and guidance of young traffic victims and their parents.