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Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC)
The Centre helps companies and the government to find solutions for designing, building and maintaining an efficient en reliable road infrastructure and for safety, mobility and environmental problems due to modern road transport.

Website only available in Dutch.
CROW is the national knowledge platform for infrastructure, traffic, transport and public space in the Netherlands.

CVO Hitek - graduaatsopleiding verkeerskunde
Website only available in Dutch.

Flanders Institute for Mobility (VIM)
VIM realizes sustainable mobility solutions together with Flemish top companies, knowledge centres and governments. VIM is a membership organization.

Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
SWOV is an independent, scientific institute in the Netherlands that whishes to contribute to improving traffic safety with knowledge from scientific research.

Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (INRETS)
Website only available in French.
National Institute for research on transportation and traffic safety in France.

Institut pour l'autoCar et l'autoBus (ICB)
Website only available in French and Dutch.
The ICB is the study and expert organization of the sector of paid public passenger traffic over the road by automobile or bus.

Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety
Through fundamental and applied research the policy research centre offers scientific support to traffic safety policy in Flanders.

Site where research into transportation becomes accessible for study purposes.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRFF)
TIRF is an independent traffic safety institute in Canada. It carries out research into the causes of accidents and develops and promotes effective prevention programmes and behaviour patrons.

Transportation Research Laboratory (TRL)
International Centre in the United Kingdom that carries out research and gives advices and solutions for problems related to transport.

Developer and dealer of traffic engineering software.

UHasselt - master programme transportation sciences

Universiteit Gent - Instituut voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (IDM)
Website only available in Dutch.
The institute carries out research into the area of mobility.

Verkeerspedagogisch Instituut vzw (VPI)
Website only available in Dutch.
The most important work areas of the VPI are school traffic (in the broadest sence), traffic and mobility education, local traffic policy and traffic safety.