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Antea Group
Antea Group is an international engineering- and environment consultancy agency, specialised in fullservice-solutions regarding environment, infrastructure, urban development and water.

Arcadis Gedas nv
Website only available in French and Dutch.
Advice and engineering agency that stipulates total solutions for all projects about traffic and transportation, open and build on spaces, buildings and installations, environment and everyday surroundings and project coworkers on location.

Connect provides strategic communication advice on mobility, environment, space and infrastructure.

D + A Consult
Website only available in Dutch.
Independent study and research consultancy in spatial planning, building, mobility, environment, infrastructure, landscape architecture, topography and GIS.

DTV Consultants
An research consultancy active on the domains of traffic and transportation. The agency carries out research and gives advices within the work fields traffic, transportation, logistics, urban and rural planning, tourism, recreation and leisure. 

Goudappel Coffeng
Independent research consultancy active on the domains of traffic, transportation and spatial economy.

Grontmij is a multidisciplinary consulting and engineering firm active in the environmental, water, energy, building, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

ISA - Intelligent Speed Adaptation
The site tries to give as much information as possible on ISA in Belgium as well as abroad. You can find general information on ISA, project in Belgium and the rest of the world. You can also find several publications, presentations and reports, which you can download for privat use.

Libost-Groep nv
Website only available in Dutch.
Active in the domains infrastructure and environment, buildings and constructions, project management, sustainable techniques and development.

Website only available in Dutch.
MINT is an independent research consultancy, active in traffic planning (i.e. MOBERs, parking studies, accessibility analysis, ...), traffic models (strategic-macroscopic, microsimulations, freight and logistics) and traffic research. MINT cooperates with Goudappel Coffeng in the Netherlands.

Mobiel 21
Centre for knowledge development (carrying out research, developing innovating themes, ...), education (publications, website, courses and workshops, documentation centre) and influencing behaviour (campaigns, guiding projects).

Website only available in Dutch.
Neutral advizing company on mobility and advantages for employees.

Independent research consultancy that is willing to give sustainable solutions for the environment we live and work in and where we spend our leisure time. Work domains are: archeology, soil, policy, energy, infrastructure, GEO-ICT, environment, nature, space, safety, water.

Stratec nv
Independent research consultancy that carries out studies into transport, spatial planning, management of the environment, company mobility and logistics.

Studiegroep omgeving
Website only available in Dutch.
International group of architects, land surveyors, urban developers, spatial planners and traffic experts that aims at optimal quality of space.

Website only available in French and Dutch.
Over 40 years Sum (previously Group Planning and Man & Space) searches for creative answers to spacial and societal challenges. Sum also aims at complete solutions, the global design, the spatial and societal answer in area of tension between possibilities and limitations.

The goal of Taxistop is to realize projects in order to make better use of existing goods and tools.

Technum NV
Technum carries out the following activities: traffic structure plans and circulation plans, traffic research, traffic prognoses and network modelling, bicycle rout plans, traffic safety and livability plans, traffic-technical design proposals, MER-studies and best practice studies.

Traject offers tailor-made solutions for mobility questions. They start from the idea 'more with less', which means 'a better mobility with less vehicles, less costs and less inconvenience.

Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML)
Together with governments and companies, TML researches problems caused by mobility and logistics. TML looks at traffic technique, economy, environment and health, traffic safety and societal intrest.

Tritel nv
Carries out studies in the complete domain of traffic sciences.

Website only available in Dutch
This is a temporary partnership between Arcadis Gedas, Grontmij and Technum. The goal is to remove dangerous accident locations and roads in Flanders.

Vectris cvba
Website only available in Dutch
Study, design and planning agency that searches creative solutions for sustainable mobility in a spatial context.

Via Advies
This is a consultancy agency specialised in traffic safety when in comes to advizing, developing software and organization advices. Via-advies is the developer of ViaStat, a complete software package for registration/enrichment, management and analysis of traffic accidents.