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European Road Infrastructure Congress

European Road Infrastructure Congress

Oct 18, 2016 - Oct 20, 2016

On Tuesday, October 23, 2016, the first edition of the European Road Infrastructure Congress will take place in Leeds (UK). The three-day conference will bring together industry representatives, academics, policy makers, research institutes and road authorities from across the continent to network, engage and share their knowledge on the highways sector.

Delivery, safety and adaptation of road infrastructure will be the key themes that run through the Congress. How can technological changes, new delivery models and innovations in vehicle technology help Europe in achieving its ambitious target of a 50% cut in road fatalities?

The Transportation Research Institute (IMOB, UHasselt) is a supporter of this event and will present a study at this conference.

  • Kristof Mollu, Kris Brijs, Marc Geraerts, Katrien Declercq, Joris Cornu, Tom Brijs - Simulator study on the influence of an illuminated digital billboard on driving behaviour with a focus on variable display time and distance from a pedestrian crossing

    Illuminated traffic signs displaying moving messages catch the eye immediately and thus are exquisite for attracting attention. More and more companies and traders bet on that medium. Now illuminated LED-advertising signs pop up more frequently on Flemish roads, its impact on road safety is questionned. Are drivers distracted by the illuminated traffic signs? What is the effect of display time and location of LED-billboards on driving behaviour? At the conference in Leeds, Prof. Dr Tom Brijs will elaborate on the results of this driving simulator study.

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