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Flemish Road Safety Conference

Flemish Road Safety Conference

Mar 22, 2016

ALM, Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 Antwerp (Berchem)


Stijn Dhondt (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde)

+32 (0) 15 443 264


On Tuesday March 22, 2016, the fourteenth edition of the Flemish Road Safety Conference will take place in Antwerp (Belgium). This year, the conference focuses on the growing complexity of our society. Children, seniors, ‘new Flemish people’ and other road users move in an environment marked by an increasing urbanization.

The conference examines whether the old, general road safety measures still guarantee our road safety. Or should they focus again on men and society? Again, several IMOB-researchers are contributing to this conference:

  • Kris Brijs (Assistant Professor, IMOB) – The category B driving education in Flanders: the effectivity of the existing model and policy recommendations concerning the future
  • Wouter van Haperen (PhD student, IMOB) – The diverging diamond interchange
  • Heike Martensen (BIVV) and Judith Urlings (PhD student, IMOB) – Seniors and road safety
  • Ariane Cuenen (PhD student, IMOB) and Sofie Boets (BIVV) – The use of a checklist to determine the driving ability of seniors

All lecturers will be given in Dutch. If you’re interested in the full programme of the conference, please click the link below:

Dutch version of the full programme


Target audience

Anyone who, professionally or voluntarily, promotes a safer traffic, can acquire and exchange knowledge at the Flemish Road Safety Conference 2016.



8.45 u Welcome with coffee and tea
9.30 u Keynote session
10.45 u Break and knowledge exhibition
11.15 u Theme session 1
12.15 u Lunch and knowledge exhibition
13.15 u Theme session 2
14.15 u Break and knowledge exhibition
14.45 u Theme session 3
15.45 u Conclusion
16.45 u Reception and knowledge exhibition


More information: