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PhD Defence Caroline Ariën

PhD Defence Caroline Ariën

Jun 28, 2016

Universiteit Hasselt

campus Diepenbeek

Agoralaan Gebouw D

3590 Diepenbeek

Lokaal Auditorium H5

In the past years, PhD student Caroline Ariën explored the effect of traffic calming measures on driving behavior (e.g. transverse road markings indicating a dangerous curve). On Tuesday, June 28, 2016, she defends her PhD entitled ‘The effects in distance and time of traffic calming measures near road transitions and discontinuities by means of driving simulator research’.

Please confirm your attendance at the defence and/or reception via caroline.arien@uhasselt.be before the 21st of June.


Accident rates indicate that there is an increased accident risk at road transitions (e.g. from a straight road to a curve, from outside to inside built-up area). Transitions require drivers to change their driving behaviour, for example by reducing their speed and paying extra attention. Road safety can be improved by designing those transitional situations in a recognizable way. However, to date, limited research on design standards is carried out for road transition.

In this doctoral thesis, Caroline Ariën examined several traffic calming measures near road transitions, such as transverse rumble strips, herringbone patterns and digital traffic signs. She studied the impact of these measures on speeding behaviour in a driving simulator. Over what distance do these traffic calming measures have an effect? Can we still see an effect after five consecutive days?

Recommendations resulting from this research can support governments and road designers in designing a safe road infrastructure. Furthermore, the real-life cost of the implementation of inefficient and/or unsafe measures are avoided by testing them pro-actively in the driving simulator. PhD-student Caroline Ariën elaborates on her research at her defence on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

More information

PhD-student Caroline Ariën
Promoter Prof. dr. Tom Brijs
Co-promoters Prof. dr. Kris Brijs
Prof. dr. Geert Wets
Date Tuesday, June 28, 2016, at 4.00 p.m.
Location UHasselt (campus Diepenbeek)
Agoralaan Building D
Auditorium H5
3590 Diepenbeek