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East Hampshire District Council (UK) is interested in FEATHERS    Apr 25, 2016

East Hampshire District Council (UK) is interested in FEATHERS
Apr 25, 2016

In 2010, IMOB developed the activity-based transport model FEATHERS. The model is fully operational in Flanders and has grabbed international attention for some time now. Seoul and Slovenia already applied this model and East Hampshire District Council (UK) also shows interest in FEATHERS.

FEATHERS is an acronym for Forecasting Evolutionary Activity-Travel of Households and their Environmental RepercussionS. The transport model predicts which activity an individual will perform, at a particular place, at a particular moment in time and for how long. It is applied in several regions such as Flanders, Seoul and Slovenia. And soon possibly in the United Kingdom? East Hampshire is certainly interested and asked IMOB to carry out a feasibility study.

Prof. dr. Ansar Yasar: “For two and a half months, we evaluated the potential of implementing FEATHERS and defined the concrete steps required to introduce this model. We drew up a financial plan and a work plan and presented the results in a detailed feasibility report. The ball is now in the court of East Hampshire.”

For several years, IMOB actively worked on the development of activity-based transport models. These models are not only able to simulate (a number of) trips, but they can also map a full day and activity pattern of an individual. Researchers and policy makers are switching from conventional models to activity-based models, because they offer a more realistic view on reality.