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IMOB uses new tool to monitor safety of pedestrians and cyclists    Aug 02, 2016

IMOB uses new tool to monitor  safety of pedestrians and cyclists
Aug 02, 2016


Prof. dr. Tom BRIJS



The Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) and its European partners join forces to monitor traffic better and more efficiently. “IMOB will use the developed RUBA-tool (Road User Behaviour Analysis) to study dangerous situations with crossing pedestrians and cyclists to push back the large amount of accidents with vulnerable road users”, says IMOB-researcher Tim De Ceunynck.

Monitor and analyze specific traffic situations more efficiently

Existing video-based systems to monitor traffic safety record non-stop and produce enormous amounts of data. “A major disadvantage, because this is very time consuming. The collected datasets all need to be screened manually”, says Tim De Ceunynck (IMOB/UHasselt). The RUBA-system makes sure that monitoring starts as soon as traffic is detected. “There is less recording material, so you don’t need nearly as much time to collect and evaluate all the data.”

Automatically detect specific traffic situations

“The tool also makes it possible to automatically detect specific traffic situations through what we call ‘detector fields’', says Tim. “For example, one detector field records the color of the traffic light. A second one detects a crossing pedestrian. A third field registers an approaching car. The combination of these fields can automatically detect the dangerous situation where a pedestrian crosses a red light while a vehicle is approaching. Activating a detection field can be done easily via a few clicks.”

Predicting the risk of major accidents

IMOB and its European partners will use RUBA to study the safety of vulnerable road users in urban areas. Tim De Ceunynck: “We are going to explore how we can use information from hazardous and non-hazardous traffic situations to predict the risk of major accidents. We also want to allow traffic experts and local authorities to obtain a better insight themselves in their own specific problems with vulnerable road users. That way they can improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as effectively as possible.” The RUBA-tool is developed within the European Horizon 2020-project InDev (In-depth Understanding of Accident Causation for Vulnerable Road Users).

More info

Dr. Tom Brijs (IMOB/UHasselt): +32 (0)473 99 99 95
InDeV: www.indev-project.eu 
RUBA-systeem: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgdJoa5-fS0 
Picture: Tanja Kidholm, Aalborg University

This project is funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Union under grant agreement nr. 635895.