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Road Vikings: When Football Meets Road Safety    Jun 10, 2016

Road Vikings: When Football Meets Road Safety
Jun 10, 2016


Erwin Heyse ()

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A recent study by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI) has revealed that there is a significant increase in car accidents on the days our national football team plays. The Road Vikings are on a mission to reverse this trend and thus are kicking off a social campaign to make Belgian roads safer in a fun way. Together with their partners, BRSI, P&V Insurance and Volvo, the Road Vikings want to reward drivers for driving safely during Euro 2016. The technology behind this application, that registers the driving behavior of individuals, was developed by the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB, UHasselt).

“Football is not a matter of life and death ... it's more important than that,” the famous Liverpool coach Bill Shankly once said. Indeed, football is associated with passion and emotions - but this also impacts the way we drive. During football tournaments, there is a striking increase in risky behavior on the road, especially on the days our national football team plays.

But the Road Vikings now want to reverse this trend and are launching a campaign to make Belgian roads safer in a fun way and completely in line with the spirit of this beautiful game which is football.

Specifically, the Road Vikings encourage everyone to use the Road Vikings app (Android, iOS) and to drive safely on the days our national football team plays. Moreover, they encourage drivers to invite others to join them in their cars, ask them to turn on their Road Vikings app as well and show they are safe too. This application registers the driving behaviour of individuals and gives them personal feedback. IMOB developed the scoring algorithm behind the app.

In return, thanks to P&V Insurance, a trip for two persons to Nice can be won – to support the Belgian team in their match against Sweden.

Thanks to Volvo, official jerseys can be won as well, and tickets to watch the game against Sweden (on 22 June) on a big cinema screen (catering included).

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The Road Vikings campaign is backed by the BRSI, P&V Insurance, Volvo, and iMinds’ iStart and Living Labs entrepreneurship and research programs.