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Samen Veilig Mobiel will go to the 95th European Motor Show in Brussels    Jan 17, 2017

Samen Veilig Mobiel will go to the 95th European Motor Show in Brussels
Jan 17, 2017

Parking aid, blind spot detection, drowsy driver alert and adaptive headlights. Car technologies are outstanding to facilitate the driving task for elderly drivers and thus to give them confidence to keep on driving. This can make the difference between social involvement and social isolation. Samen Veilig Mobiel takes a group of elderly people to the 95th European Motor Show in Brussels ... to find senior friendly cars.

With an estimated 25 % of Belgian drivers that will be over the age of 65 by 2030, elderly drivers become the fastest growing group of road users. The majority of this group owns a driver’s licence since a long time and gained quite some driving experience over the years. Furthermore, they rarely commit a traffic violation and thus are in general safe drivers. Yet, when looking at accident involvement and road casualties, we notice that elderly drivers are more often involved compared to other age groups.

Although many prejudices exist about elderly and technology, the centre Samen Veilig Mobiel experiences that elderly embrace vehicle technologies. A large part of elderly drivers purchases a new car and is curious about vehicle technologies that facilitate the driving task. However, it is not easy to make a choice between the wide offer nor to find proper assistance to learn how to handle the car functionalities these days.

Therefore, Samen Veilig Mobiel accompanies an elderly group to the 95th European Motor Show in Brussels to find “senior friendly” cars. For this group of elderly people, an info session is organized about vehicle technologies that specifically have an added value for 65+ drivers. Furthermore, we visit a small car selection of various brands and examine which models, features and technological functionalities attract elderly people.

Leaflet 'Purchasing a senior friendly car'

On the occasion of this visit, Samen Veilig Mobiel launched a manual “Purchasing a senior friendly car”. This leaflet is an useful guideline for seniors and others when purchasing a new vehicle. You can find the Dutch manual on the website of Samen Veilig Mobiel.

About Samen Veilig Mobiel

Samen Veilig Mobiel is a multidisciplinary centre for evaluation, advice and training of elderly’s driving ability. The centre is a joint initiative between Jessa Hospital and the Transportation Research Institute (Hasselt University). Elderly people, caregivers and medical professionals can consult this centre when concerns arise about the driving safety of relatives. The team of Samen Veilig Mobiel supports elderly people in continuing a safe and independent mobility. We aim to achieve this goal by offering training and by giving advice about alternative transport facilities and technologies to facilitate the driving task.

More information: www.samenveiligmobiel.be