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IMOB and NUST-SEECS discuss a future research collaboration

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IMOB and NUST-SEECS discuss a future research collaboration    Apr 26, 2017

IMOB and NUST-SEECS discuss a future research collaboration
Apr 26, 2017

Is there a research collaboration in the pipeline between IMOB (Hasselt University) and NUST-SEECS? Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar and Dr S.M.H. Zaidi, dean SEECS faculty, had a fruitful discussion regarding the possibility of a future research collaboration.

In February 2017, Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar (IMOB, UHasselt) was warmly welcomed at the NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (NUST-SEECS) in Islamabad, Pakistan. “NUST-SEECS offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs covering the disciplines of electrical, telecommunications and IT education. In their research, SEECS lays great emphasis on interdisciplinary work and enjoys intensive collaboration with international partners”, said Ansar Yasar. NUST-SEECS already carried out joint researches with France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Korea and China. And soon possibly with Belgium?

Prof. Dr Ansar Yasar: “SEECS is interested in all our research domains, however, specific attention goes out to our activity-based transport model FEATHERS and the use of drones for research purposes.” In February, both parties agreed to lay the foundations for strong research between SEECS and IMOB (Hasselt University). They immediately suited the action to the word. “We are currently developing a research proposal which we aim to submit to the European Union in September 2017.”


FEATHERS is an acronym for Forecasting Evolutionary Activity-Travel of Households and their Environmental RepercussionS. The transport model predicts which activity an individual will perform, at a particular place, at a particular moment in time and for how long. It is applied in several regions such as Flanders, UK, Seoul and Slovenia.