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Alumni and other transportation experts talk about job opportunities and the utility of drones during network event    Mar 08, 2018

Alumni and other transportation experts talk about job opportunities and the utility of drones during network event
Mar 08, 2018


Mevrouw Jolanda VAN GOOL



A network event for bachelor and master students Transportation Sciences, and alumni took place yesterday evening (Wednesday, March 7, 2018) at campus Diepenbeek. The organisation was covered by student association COMMEATUS, alumni society MOBILUMNI and the Transportation Research Institute. This year, special attention was devoted to the use of drones at mobility research. This theme was met with great enthusiasm by 75 attendees.

Alumni about their career 
To strengthen the relationship between current students Transportation Sciences and alumni, and to give the students an idea about job opportunities as a mobility expert, the evening was opened by presentations of four alumni. Pieter-Jan Lateur, Tobias Vyncke, Jolina Vermeulen and Dennis Jongen all talked about their career development since they graduated. It is well-known that transportation scientists have a range of career opportunities. And so prove our alumni.

Since he graduated in 2011, Pieter-Jan Lateur works for NMBS/SNCB. First, he was responsible for long term strategic planning and now for the development of the train service.

Jolina Vermeulen is employed at Traject, a consultancy firm where she previously worked as a working student. She has a wide range of task and so every day is different. For example: she is responsible for mobility scans, but she also regularly gives workshops about traffic safety.

Just across the border in Limburg (The Netherlands), alumnus Dennis Jongen works for the province. As a policy officer Mobility and Public Transport, he mainly works on public transport-related mobility issues at a policy level.

After graduating in 2011, Tobias Vyncke first worked as an advisor for Parkeerbedrijf Antwerpen with a focus on bike parking projects and later as a staff member Mobility for N-VA. Currently he is a mobility project manager for the city of Mechelen.

The usefulness of drones
After the presentations by the alumni, a network reception was held with a demonstration of a drone. Nowadays, the use of drones is ‘hot’ in our society. Recreational or professional. They are used for various purposes, including traffic research. Some leading guest speakers were also listened to the event to talk about “traffic research from the sky”. Marc Bellinkx is Chief Inspector and Head of Research & Development of the police zone CARMA. Tim Adema is Head knowledge cluster Traffic & Transportation at Roelofs.  They both talked about the impact of drones on the traffic world.