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IMOB hands over electric bike to winner

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IMOB hands over electric bike to winner    Jan 25, 2018

IMOB hands over electric bike to winner
Jan 25, 2018

Within the framework of the European project iSCAPE, IMOB raffled one electric bike among the citizens of Hasselt who enthusiastically recorded their travel behaviour during three weeks using their smartphone. This week, Ellen De Vos received her prize.

On September 6, 2016, the European research project ‘iSCAPE’ was officially kicked-off. The iSCAPE-project aims to improve the air quality in European cities and to reduce their carbon footprint.

In order to realize that goal, the project partners called in the help of citizens. Citizens are asked to record their trips (e.g. to the bakery) using their smartphone and to continue this for three weeks. After one-week recording, the participants get personalized feedback on their travel behaviour. The purpose of this individualized coaching: stimulating citizens to make trips more sustainably.

“The suggestions to travel more sustainable, mainly relate to flexible activities and/or trips such as short distance trips and non-mandatory outdoor activities”, says project coordinator Dr Davy Janssens (IMOB, Hasselt University). “We emphasize the benefits that the participant will experience by changing his travel behaviour (e.g. reduced exposure to air pollutants or a better physical activity level). Furthermore, we compare the individual performances to those of the other participants.”

Support of the city of Hasselt
The iSCAPE study was recently conducted in Hasselt, also thanks to the support of the city of Hasselt. “Controlling traffic and air quality are major challenges for a growing city such as Hasselt, as these two components have a huge impact on our living conditions and quality. The iSCAPE-study was conducted taking into account both factors, which is a good approach. It give us, the city of Hasselt, and the opportunity to develop a suitable policy based on these results. I am also pleased to hear that there remains considerable scope for behavioural changes. That is what the city aims for”, says the alderman for Transportation Habib El Ouakili (sp.a).

Winner electric bike
The study ran from June 26, 2017, to August 11, 2017. The citizens of Hasselt who participated in the entire study, had a chance of winning an electric bike. In the meantime, an innocent hand declared this winner: Ellen De Vos!

A big thanks to all participants for their cooperation!

More information

This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689954.