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IMOB focuses on major mobility issues concerning road safety, transportation, behaviour, road design, tourism and autonomy. As a result, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the years. Furthermore, our research already delivered important scientific solutions to mobility issues. As many of those solutions generate a surplus for the society, we stimulate and support researchers to further develop these technologies and thus to create a market-ready product.

The main activities within the business development unit include:

  • Providing support to innovative transport solutions at IMOB to be market-ready and help them valorize with sustainable investments.
  • Protect the Intellectual property and secure a return for IMOB to support further research and development.
  • Providing support to the research teams at IMOB to align their Research & Development (R&D) focus towards the market needs.
  • Establish, grow and support networks consisting of renowned research teams from around the globe.
  • Establish, grow and support a network of industrial partners and market leaders working in the domain of transportation.
  • Explore traditional and non-traditional funding channels to enhance the research activities at IMOB.

Briefly, we aim to create a long-term value for our customers, markets and relations.

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