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EMR Connect (ECON)

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The EMR Connect project is carried out as part of Interreg V-A Euregio Maas-Rijn and is supported with 2.312.731,52 euros by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund.

Goal of the project

The overall objective of the EMR Connect project is the improvement of the cross-border mobility and the realisation of a closer network within the Eurogio Maas-Rijn (EMR). The project aims to prevent new barriers and the consequent removal of existing obstacles. There will be an emphasis on public transport and more specific, ticketing, prices, infrastructure and the corresponding traffic offer. In this case, cross-border public transport will undergo a major, integral improvement for a long time and will thus become more attractive for citizens, visitors and businesses in the EMR..

IMOB’s part

The Transportation Research Institute will focus on education within the project. Using the project, IMOB will further strengthen her network and collaborations regarding education within the Euregio. For this, some concrete actions will be carried out:

  • Two editions of “Atelier Internationaal” will be organised. During this event, students from different educational institutes will work around a mobility theme that is related to strengthening cross-border transportation in the Euregio. This will happen during a four-day workshop.
  • A “Network Event” is set up where experts, students, researchers, policy makers and IMOB staff can share their ideas and expand their network.
  • Three Bachelor’s theses, three internships and three master’s theses will be set up and supervised. The final result will of course be made available to the Consortium.
  • A course is developed that specifically focuses on public transport. In this course, the students will develop a transport region for the Euregio within the framework of basic accessibility in a less urban context. The results will be integrated within the educational programs of different partner institutions and will also be used for drawing up future research projects on public transport.

Interreg Euregio-Maas-Rijn

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