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We travel five kilometres to school, it’s a ten minute walk to the sports club, the arts centre is two villages away. Whoever wants to participate in professional, social and economic life, needs to move from one place to another. Transportation is thus our society's engine, but it also presents us with a number of challenges. How do we move from one place to another: on foot, by bike, by car, bus or train? What impact does this choice have on society? Is the road infrastructure well-adapted for among others vulnerable road users?

Master of Transportation Sciences

The international master’s programme of Transportation Sciences of Hasselt University trains students to identify transportation and traffic safety issues and come up with solutions themselves, taking into account several parameters: economy, society, urban development, environment and infrastructure. Since transportation is a cross-border field, it is also important to focus on international aspects of this domain. As a Master in Transportation Sciences we offer you an opportunity to regularly exchange views with experts from home and abroad.

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Master of Transportation Sciences by Distance Learning

We offer the Master of Transportation Sciences in a flexible distance learning programme to those who want to combine their master studies with a job. The content and the degree of the programme are equal to the full-time programme, but the courses are organized in such a way that students are able to combine a job with their studies. The courses are grouped so practitioners only have to attend one week of lessons per semester on campus.

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