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Road safety

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Within this research domain, we study road safety of individuals and systems in various conditions. We focus on causes and mechanisms of road crashes and possible countermeasures. Our projects deal with epidemiological, economic, behavioural, theoretical and empirical aspects of road crashes.

Research topics

  • Drivers’ behavioural responses to various road design
  • Observation of direct and indirect safety indicators
  • Developing personal road safety scores based on naturalistic data
  • Evaluation of intervention programmes
  • Ex ante and ex post assessment of changes in road design
  • Assessment of possible system changes related to advances in vehicle technology (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, increased autonomy levels)

Projects and realisations

Towards a more road safe Europe for Vulnerable Road Users

According to the European Commission, 135 000 people were critically injured on European roads in 2015. Among them, there were many vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Within InDeV, a EU-financed Horizon 2020-project, IMOB and several international partners join forces to improve the Vulnerable Road Users’ (VRU) road safety in Europe. Read more >

There are inequalities in accident involvement for different socioeconomic and cultural groups, but why?

Someone’s health influences someone’s socioeconomic situation, but health research also discovered a reverse influence of socioeconomic and cultural differences on health outcomes. For example, inequalities are found in accident involvement, but how do contextual and individual factors contribute to injury causation? Read more >

Increasing the use of average speed checks (SPECS)

Since 2004, the government installed unmanned camera’s next to motorways and later introduced average speed checks (SPECS). Commissioned by the Flemish Government, IMOB examined both control systems. Researchers compared the speed and the number of accidents before and after the measures were taken. Read more >

Reflecting on road safety from different angles

When we take into account the number of citizens, more road casualties are yearly calculated in Flanders than anywhere else in Europe. The Flemish Government must increase efforts to drastically lower the fatal and seriously injured casualties. To be able to take the right measures, thorough scientific research is indispensable. IMOB examined the road safety in Flanders from different angles. Read more >