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INTRAS - Inequalities in road safety

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Children with health problems are more often absent from school and thus possibly fall behind schedule. Adults may miss a promotion or risk to lose their job due to a severe disease. Someone’s health influences someone’s socio-economic situation, but health research also discovered a reverse influence of socio-economic and cultural differences on health outcomes.

Growing attention is paid worldwide to the influence of those differences on accident involvement, as inequalities are found in accident involvement.

Existing models don’t describe the relation between contextual/individual factors and injury causation
How do contextual and individual factors contribute to injury causation? Until now, injury research lacks explanatory models clarifying the relation between both components. By carrying out this study, IMOB takes a first step towards the development of such a model. IMOB examines and aims to reveal the mechanisms, that cause certain groups in Belgium to be involved in an accident more often. Since no studies have been conducted on the differences in road accident involvement in Belgium by different socioeconomically and culturally defined groups, this will also be part of this research.

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