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According to the European Commission, 135 000 people were critically injured on European roads in 2015. Among them, there were many vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Within InDeV, a EU-financed Horizon 2020-project, IMOB aims to improve the Vulnerable Road Users’ (VRU) road safety in Europe. Examining road crashes from a different angle is a giant leap forwards.

Within InDeV, we focus on causes of road accidents, whereas preceding research only identified the relation between several factors and the frequency of road crashes. Several international partners cooperate in this project. If we understand causes of road accidents, we are able to develop countermeasures to prevent them.

Tool for in-depth analyses into road accidents involving VRU’s
IMOB develops a toolbox for in-depth analysis of accident causation for VRU’s. The tool is a practical instrument to link accident causation factors to VRUs’ accident risk. In order to draw solid conclusions, we combine data of accident databases, in-depth accident investigations, safety indicators, self-reported accidents and naturalistic behavioural data. Based on those results, we provide efficient preventive countermeasures and are able to calculate the socio-economic costs of VRU accidents.

Furthermore, IMOB is involved in the review of study methods and identification of critical locations for VRU safety and the observational studies.

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