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The IWT-project CareVille Limburg helps elderly people to prolong their home situation in a safe and cost efficient way. As mobility is an important element in the quality of life, we examine how we can support them in continuing a safe and independent mobility. It allows the elderly to participate in everyday activities and to maintain social contacts, which reduces the risk of depression and social isolation.

Mix of tests: in the hospital and in the driving simulator
We identified the clinical tests that could tell us something about elderly’s driving skills and the road conditions that should ideally be copied in a driving simulator, in order to test elderly’s driving ability (e.g. joining the motorway, turning left on a junction). Based on those results, we evaluate how safe someone drives. Within our centre ‘Samen Veilig Mobiel’, we focus on what is still possible. For elderly people for whom we found bottlenecks in the test results, we investigate how we can improve their driving skills by means of a training.

Assistance in searching mobility alternatives
When driving is no longer possible, we inform our clients about alternative transport facilities. It is our ambition to optimize the supply. Therefore, we asked elderly people to report difficulties they experience when travelling from one place to another. They can fill in an online form or use a GIS-based smartphone app. Thanks to the evaluation of their experiences, we are able to develop suggestions for improving accessibility, dangerous situations, etc. to the proper authorities. Finally, we examine how multi-modal transport can be optimized by establishing a close cooperation with elderly facilities.

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