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Model scheme for signage during road works evaluated

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Road works signs are important to ensure smooth traffic circulation. The Agency for Roads and Traffics (AWV) drew up standard signage schemes: guidelines for the placement of road signs. IMOB analysed and evaluated one of those signage schemes for AWV. Is the alternative route clearly marked? Is the information on the traffic signs (e.g. speed limit) unambiguous and applicable? In this study, we thus focus on the clarity and interpretability of the signage by the drivers (human factors). Together with Goudappel Coffeng and Connect, IMOB evaluated a particular signage scheme at road works on a roundabout, where one branch is closed.

Researchers examined by means of a driving simulator study a standard scheme for signage during road works. The signage relates to the announcement of road works, speed limits, advance direction signs and signposts. Fifty test subjects participated in this driving simulator study and drove seven times. Researchers gave them the instruction to follow one of the four directions (e.g. You are on your way to municipality x). Researchers checked whether the drivers respected the speed limit and if they reached their destination. After the driving simulator study, the test subjects filled in a short questionnaire.

IMOB formulated twelve concrete recommendations to optimize the standard schemes for signage during road works.

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Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV)
IMOB carried out this driving simulator study for the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV).