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Since 1994, the Flemish Government examines the transportation behaviour of its inhabitants. The government aims to map the persons who execute trips, and searches for answers to travel related aspects such as when, why, from where, to where, by which travel mode, how long the trips take and how far the Flemish inhabitants travel.

Since 2010, IMOB (Hasselt University) controls and analyses the data of the survey which has been conducted annually in the framework of Research Transportation Behaviour (OVG). It is important to underline that OVG is no causal research. Despite this fact, when drawing up an analysis report, we aim to interpret the figures and to contextualize them. These contextualisation cannot be seen as an official explanation, it only describes the traffic related context of the observed figures. To illustrate: (1) we compare the figures with statistics of other countries, (2) link them to papers and scientific findings, (3) explain these figures using possible spatial and contextual factors (e.g. the interaction between regions and sustainable transportation behaviour) and (4) deduce interesting, non-trivial information related to transportation (e.g. annual transport budget of Flemish people).

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