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What is it all about?

One of the main problems in high education at both under graduate and master levels in developing countries is the lack of high quality , R based, materials for courses in education programs. The ITP >eR-Biostat, sponsored by VLIR-UOS (https://www.vliruos.be/en/home/1), is a training project that is focused on education programs (both undergraduate and master) in Biostatistics/Statistics and for non-statisticians and aims to train the participants to use the new E-learning system (https://er-biostat.github.io/Courses/) for courses at different education level.

Our approach

We believe that accessibility to free high quality education materials is crucial to ensure a high standard in education. We offer an “open sources”, R based, education materials in statistics. Everybody (teachers and students) can download and use the courses from our website for free and without password.


The ITP is aimed to train the participants to use (and develop) the online platform in the curriculum in local universities using the >eR-BioStat website. The >eR-BioStat initiative (https://er-biostat.github.io/Courses/) is a website, that offers a platform for a collection of fully developed courses in Biostatistics/Statistics, ready to be given in the class.

ITP's content

We will focus on open source platforms and will cover the following topics:

 Full program will be available at a later stage.



What do we offer?

  • A 14 days training program in Hasselt University, Belgium.
  • A Full scholarship including accommodation and living expenses (Approx. 1400 Euro).
  • Flight tickets.
  • Medical insurance for the course’s period.

More information and updates:

Application form: 

Application form

Selection criteria and ranking of applications:

In order to ensure sustainable implementation of the >eR-BioStat platform in local universities only candidates that will be supported by their department will be admitted to the ITP. Therefore, we expect that candidates will submit their application form to the ITP with a support letter from their department. In addition, we will take into account:

1. Final score of the MSc degree. Applicants who are PhD holders will be ranked separately in order to ensure that applicant with MSc will be admitted to the ITP.
2. Support letter from the department of the applicant (obligatory, applicants without a support letter will not be admitted).
3. You are a teacher of a curriculum statistical course in one of the academic programs in your university (obligatory, if you are not teaching a course you will not be admitted).
4. A proven commitment of the applicant’s department to implement the >eR-BioStat platform in the curriculum of the local university.
5. Priority will be given for PhD students in local universities (compare to MSc holders who are not a PhD students).
6. Motivation letter.
7. The ITP is an equal opportunity project and Female applicants are encouraged to apply.


Post a question in our FACEBOOK page or send an email to erbiostat@uhasselt.be