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Who can participate?

Every UHasselt student who wrote a master's thesis that was adequately assessed in a period of 1/08/2018 and 15/07/2019. This means the September session of the previous academic year, and the June session of the current academic year. Academic bachelors cannot participate.

What do you have to hand in to participate?

  • A copy of your master's thesis;
  • A journalistic article (max 1000 words), in Dutch for Flemish students, in English for international students.
  • Photos, illustrations or graphs.

How do you write an article?

As Flemish submissions can be submitted for the Vlaamse Scriptieprijs, we use the same guidelines. You can find English tips and tricks here. You can find tips and tricks for the Flemish articles here. Your article can be up to 1000 words. Keep in mind that we can use this article for communication, so it must be understandable for everyone. The jury makes its first selection based on this article.

What is the deadline for submission?

Your data must be uploaded at the latest on July 19 at 12 o'clock midday via the online registration form.

Where do I register?

Via the online registration form. Do you encounter problems? Contact Dios@uhasselt.be!

Who are members of the jury?

The jury is composed of internal and external experts in development cooperation and migration. The composition will only be communicated when the shortlist of nominees is announced.

What should the master's thesis be about?

The topic of the master's thesis should be development relevant, this means: it deals with development issues in a globalized world. We find it important that the results (in the long term) have a certain impact (or at least potential for impact). This in both the developing country and UHasselt. For impact on UHasselt you can think of possible knowledge enrichment about situations / applications in developing countries that can be used in research or education. It is not immediately necessary that the student was present in a developing country for the examination of his master’s thesis.

In which language should the master's thesis be written?

The master’s thesis is written in Dutch or English. The article must be in Dutch for Flemish students, and in English for international students. 

When will we receive news from the jury?

The shortlist of nominees will be announced in mid-September. These nominees are expected at the award ceremony of November 19th. There will be announced who the 2 final laureates are. If you are an international student, we understand you might have travelled back to your home country by then. We will try to make contact via Skype if possible on the ceremony, otherwise you will be informed by email about the result.

Where and when will the award ceremony take place?

The presentation of the "Award for the best development relevant master's thesis" will take place on 19 November at the UHasselt campus in Diepenbeek at 19h30. Exact info and timing follows.