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Impact writing and Writing competitive proposals


18 mei 2016

What does the concept of impact mean and how to write the impact of a research proposal? How to write a competitive research proposal? How are different research proposal evaluated? What is important to keep in mind when writing the scientific excellence of a proposal? The answers to these questions and other tips and tricks for writing research proposals will be presented by dr. Sean McCarthy of Hyperion Ltd in two half day courses on May 18 and 19.

The Research Coordination Office of Hasselt University invites dr. Sean McCarhy for two lectures:


Course Location Target Audience
18 May,
How to write the impact of a Horizon 2020 proposal (incl. Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowships, ERC Grants,...)  H2, Campus Diepenbeek    

Junior & senior researchers and Support staff * (staff members research, research coordination office,...)

19 May,
How to support researchers in writing competitive proposals for Horizon 2020  H6, Campus Diepenbeek    Support staff*  (staff members research, research coordination office,...)

* It is recommended that the support staff also attend the 'Impact course' on Wednesday May 18. This would greatly enhance the effect of their own course on the second morning.

Dr. Sean McCarthy is a popular and experienced lecturer. Since 1980, he has continuously been involved in European research. He has been active as a researcher, research manager, research group leader and company director. Dr. McCarthy has participated in over 60 European projects. In 16 of these projects he acted as a coordinator. Dr. McCarthy is also a well-know advisor for ERC grants.

This two day workshop is free. But we kindley ask you to register online:

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