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Master of Management

Master of Management

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Strengths of the Master of Management

The Master of Management programme aims to develop the following competences:

  • The graduate of the Master of Management is capable of identifying and deconstructing complex business problems, stemming from both an organizational and a strategic origin.
  • The graduate is capable of evaluating, selecting, and applying suitable methodologies, tools, and techniques to analyse complex business problems in order to make hands-on, high-quality recommendations to improve both tactic and strategic decisions.
  • The graduate is capable of defending suitable, high-quality business strategy options on the basis of their implications.
  • The graduate is capable of translating strategic decisions into lower-level goals and key performance indicators.
  • The graduate is capable of working in a multinational and interdisciplinary context, with an attitude that reflects the following elements: critical reflection, constructive arguing, professional communication, efficient collaboration, effective self-management, ethical behaviour and sustainability.