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Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

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The Master of Transportation Sciences by distance learning is made-to-measure for professionals who want to specialize in traffic safety and transportation:

  • it is a multidisciplinary master programme, which will pay attention to economical, social, urban, environmental and infrastructural aspects;
  • it takes sustainable development into account;
  • it focuses on transportation, as well as on traffic safety in an international context;
  • it is taught by internationally renowned professors from leading universities, specialized in traffic safety and transportation;
  • it includes a 4-day study tour abroad during which students learn about and see the current best practice in solving transport problems in Sweden and Denmark;
  • the programme is organized in modules and can be completed at your own pace in combination with work and/or family life. The standard study track takes about 3.5 years including internship and masters' thesis. 
  • experienced professionals from different fields and countries exchange information about transport and traffic safety problems, solutions and strategies;
  • a full semester is dedicated to doing an internship. The internship can be carried out at your place of employment so you will already benefit from your studies in practice while still earning your degree.

"The Master of Transportation Sciences is a well balanced study course covering all modes of transport: from walking to rail, both passenger and freight, theory and practice. While staying on the job, it qualified me to take the next step in my career in the field of mobility. And, even more important, I feel well prepared due to the studies!" - Christian Weirich, Germany