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Master of Transportation Sciences

What are your career prospects?

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As a Transportation Sciences master you can work in a varied number of organisations or professions. After all, transport experts are needed both by governmental bodies, private companies and in the non-profit sector. Are you looking for an exciting job, offering many career opportunities, then a master’s degree in Transportation Sciences is the right choice for you!

Some words from our former students:

"Railway traffic is interwoven with other forms of transport and depends on the choice behaviour of the passengers. That complex interplay is the challenge in my job. The multi-disciplinary master programme was the perfect preparation."
Pieter-Jan Lateur is Advisor Mobility - Strategical Researcher at a national public transportation company.

"My degree in Transporation Sciences gives me credibility and standing with local governments who lack expertise in the matter of traffic safety.  I can make a difference." - Veva Daniels is coordinator of the SAVE project, which sets up sensitization campaigns to increase traffic safety for young children. For this she cooperates with governments of municipalities and cities.  

"The mix between theory and practice in the programme was the ideal preparation for the diverse projects for which I am now responsible." - Maarten De Schepper is Head of Transportation at the City of Hasselt. He is responsible for the city's progressive transportation policy.

"Teamwork and giving presentations were integrated in the whole of the programme. Thanks to these skills I rapidly gained responsibilities in my current position." - Kristof Mollu is a consultant at an independent consulting engineering firm. He works on various projects  with a focus on transportation planning and developing transportation models, e.g. mapping a freight transport network with the aim of identifying bottle necks and reducing congestion.

"During my studies I discovered my interest for research. I help to create new knowledge but I still have a "social" job. People are central in my research." - An Neven is PhD student at the Transportation Research Institute. She is researching the travel behaviour of persons with disabilities (MS patients) and works on resolving the issues that they encounter for instance when using public transportation.