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Maternal Hemodynamics

Maternal Hemodynamics

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Our mission is to connect international research groups with special interest for the normal and abnormal functioning of a pregnant woman’s cardiovascular system and its relation to both maternal and fetal outcome. This is achieved via meetings and workshops, organized on a regular basis since 2011 (Cambridge, Rome, Cambridge, Rotterdam, London, Maastricht, Milano), where new evolutions in the field and thoughts on study results are shared.

Another mission also is to communicate our experiences and results to a broad public of interested people (obstetricians, midwives, cardiologists, physiologists, researchers, …), as is illustrated by the hosting of two International Congresses on Maternal Hemodynamics, the first one being held in Hasselt, Belgium (16-18/10/2014) and the second one in Rome, Italy (12-14/5/2016).