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Participants will prepare their lunch pack in the morning! For those joining the excursion and not staying in Home Fabiola, make sure you are 15' ahead of time, to assemble/take your lunch bag.

7.30 - 8.30: Breakfast in dining hall HF 

EXCURSIONS: see below for different arrangements

18.00 - 19.00: dinner in dining hall HF

Organized excursions on Monday

We have opted to give you a selection of activities from active to more cultural in the vicinity of the NPHK. Just click on the picture of interest and you will find the corresponding excursion behind it.

We believe it is easy enough for you to organise the more traditional city trips, like Brugge, Brussels, Antwerp or Gent yourself. 


Suggestions, free to arrange at any time for anybody


Excursions for accompanying family and friends

The tourist office of Maasmechelen will visit Home Fabiola Monday and Tuesday in the evening.  They have a variety of excursions planned out for your family and friends.