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How to get there

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How to get here….

the address of the accommodation is:

Home Fabiola - Weldoenerslaan 5, 3630 Maasmechelen
FRC - Zetellaan 52, 3630 Maasmechelen


-      If you are coming straight from an international airport, the easiest way is of course Brussels International Airport (Zaventem).
-      Paris de Gaule (France) international airport, from there you can take the TGV (the fast train) to Brussels (1,5 hours - see below) or rent a car (3 hours to FRC - see also below).
-      Amsterdam (the Netherlands), from there you can take the TGV to Brussels or Antwerp (1,5 hours - see below) or rent a car (3 hours to FRC - see also below).
-      Frankfurt, London, Dusseldorf and a bunch of others are all options….


-      CAR RENTAL (you can compare prices via rentalcars.com) Renting a car directly at the AIRPORTS is the easiest. If you fly out of Europe via another airport, it is easy to drop your rental car at that airport.
-      Airport taxi - is possible. We can assist here, but you should budget about 80-90 Euros for a one-way trip from Brussels airport. 


Traveling by train is easy and cheap in Belgium, especially if you decide to share a “ticket”. There are different formulas, but a RAIL PASS is not personal; costs 77 Euro with 10 trips on it. You can travel with anybody to any railway station in Belgium and have to use the pass within one year after purchase. To give an example if you are 5 people traveling to the nearest station to the FRC, you pay retour about 18 Euro!
There is a train station in the airport! Take care you will have to pay an extra 5 Euro DIABOLO contribution (kind of surtax). You can pay this  separate and then buy a railpass.
Traveling through Europe, you can also book an ‘INTERRAIL ’ticket. This kind of ticket allows you to travel through Europe  (with different combinations) by train.
IN BRUSSELS there are three bigger railway stations! You can take the train from any of them towards GENK or HASSELT(take care there is also the city of GENT, DO NOT TAKE that, because it brings you to a different direction!!). From there you have to take a bus, taxi or we can maybe arrange a shuttle. For the latter, fill in this form.
For more information on hours, combinations and prices: https://www.belgiantrain.be/en/

From the railway station GENK you can take a BUS, which leaves every 30 min. to Maasmechelen, BUS 45. It will take approx. 35 minutes. You have to get off at stop: [6] 
From the railway station of HASSELT, you also take BUS 45. It will take you between 50 min. and 1 hour.
From the airport you can also take the bus to our place. We would however not really recommend that.
For more information on hours, combinations and prices:
Please fill in this form, so we can see whether we can arrange shuttles from Genk station, if more people arriveat the same time.

From bus station


1) Je komt aan in het (eind)station van GENK | indien je in Hasselt stopt, neem de overstap richting Genk (reistijd: +- 20 minuten)
2) vlak voor het station, neem de lijnbus nr 9 naar: STEENWEG OP AS – MAASMECHELEN (halte op 400 m. van het vakantiecentrum)

OF (afhankelijk van het uur van aankomst)

3) met de lijnbus nr 45 naar: BLOEMENLAAN EISDEN-MAASMECHELEN 
4) overstappen op lijnbus nr 65 richting: THOMASBOSLAAN –MAASMECHELEN (halte op 400 m. van het vakantiecentrum)

[9] I’ll provide a map, but we will arrange transport to pick arrivals up from there if necessary.