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Incoming international students

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Student jobs at the campus

Where possible, we try to recruit foreign students for a student job at our school UHasselt. 

Until the end of 2018, you could only work in Belgium if you had applied for a work permit C. Since the first of January 2019, you no longer need to be in possession of such a work permit. From now on you can work in Belgium with your electronic residence card.

The residence cards issued as from 01/01/2019 to non-EEA citizens who (come) to study in Belgium contain the remark that you can work on a ' limited ' basis. This residence card allows you to work for any employer in Belgium under the following conditions:

  • You can work until the period of validity of your residence card
  • You are allowed to work at maximum 20 hours during the academic year.
  • Your employment must be in line with your studies: i.e. you are not allowed to work during the times of compulsory attendance at the educational institution.
  • If you have received an annex 15 pending the issue of your residence card, you can also work in Belgium on the basis of this particular document.

Job Teaser

From now on, the UHasselt job department will use the JobTeaser Career Centre platform to advertise internal student jobs. In the Career Centre you can also see the external vacancies and the vacancies of JobTeaser.

Register with your student email to get access to this exclusive platform. If your profile is complete, you can apply directly for the vacancies that interest you.

More information and a complete manual can be found in your student file. All legal information can be found on the JobTeaser website.