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Incoming international researchers and personnel


Incoming international researchers and personnel

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Which insurance do you have as a research scientist, personnel or visitor at UHasselt?

As part of your activities as a research scientist at UHasselt, you are automatically insured for: civil liability, legal assistance and accidents

For what do you certainly need to take out an insurance?

Anyone living in Belgium (> 3 months) is obligated to insure themselves against illnesses. Research scientists from within Europe are insured via EHIC. Research scientists from outside Europe have to join a health insurance fund within one month after their arrival in Belgium.

Which costs are (partly) covered by this?

* Ambulatory care for doctors, specialists and dentists

* Medicines

* (Day) hospitalization

For what do you need to take out an insurance?

A large number of costs are either only partially or not insured through the compulsory health insurance. It is therefore advisable to have additional insurance for hospitalization. In addition, it is also advisable to have insurance for civil liability and legal aid in personal expenditure.


The Student Insurance Program (SIP) is a special insurance package that covers people who are temporarily abroad. SIP has been specially developed for students, scientists, members of the educational staff and their accompanying family members (husband, wife and children). The SIP policy is valid worldwide. 

Inbound research scientists and personnel who establish themselves (semi) permanently are advised to join Belgian insurance agencies under a one-year contract.