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Incoming international researchers and personnel


Incoming international researchers and personnel

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Both inbound research scientists on the payroll of UHasselt and inbound staff who receive funds from their home or other institution need to be distinguished from each other. 

Inbound research scientists who benefit from external funding are subject to visa requirement.

Types of Visa

Visa C (<3 months)

Inbound international students who stay in Belgium for less than three months must in some cases apply for a Schengen Visa. European citizens can travel within Belgium freely, as do those from certain non-EU countries. On the website of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs you can find a detailed list.

If you want to apply for a Visa, please consult the Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country. To apply for a Visa, you need in most cases the following documents:

* An application form 

* Certificate of valid travel medical insurance

* Supporting documents proving the purpose of the your trip

* Documents proving accommodation

* Proof of solvability

Visa D (>3 months)

If you are a citizen of one of the countries of the European Economic Area, Monaco, or Switzerland, you do not need a visa for a stay longer than three months. You can come to Belgium with a national passport or identity card.

If you have another nationality and you want to stay in Belgium for more than three months, you must apply for a long-stay visa (type D) via the Belgian embassy or a Belgian consulate in your home country.

Do not hesitate to contact a Belgian embassy or consulate for more information.

To apply for a Visa you need in most cases the following documents:

* A travel document or national passport to which the visa may be affixed (period of validity longer than 12 months)

* Visa application form (duplicate)

* Two recent passport photos

* Certificate of (prior) registration as a student

* Invitation letter

* Proof of solvability

* A certificate of good conduct 

* A medical certificate

Inbound international research scientists who are employed at UHasselt ,and are therefore placed on the payroll, are subject to the single permit procedure.

Single Permit 

Single Permit or “combined permit” concerns a new way of working for appointments/renewals of employees from outside the EEA (employment >3 months), with the exception of doctoral fellowships.

Deadlines for file processing


*  the assistants and doctoral assistants

* the researchers and doctoral researchers

*  the postdoctoral fellowships 


From application to entry into service : 4 months*


From application to renewal date: 3 months*.


- independent academic staff (ZAP in Dutch)

- the guest professors

- the temporary academic staff

- the practice assistants

- the administrative and technical personnel (ATP in Dutch)


From application Fintra to entry into service : 6 months*

*To be on the safe side, an extra month should be provided if the months of July and August coincide with the process.