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Material characterization


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⦁ Determination of the strength of a packaging concept (box, can, bottle, etc.)
⦁ Applications:
               Determinating the resistance of packages, boxes, and containers to withstand the compressive forces they are subjected to during storage and distribution.
               Understanding of deformation under compressive force.
               Determinating of compression strength to ensure the safety of product inside.
   Standards: ISO 12408, ASTM D642, TAPPI T 804


⦁ Determination of the dynamic and/or static friction coefficient of material-surface interactions.
⦁ Applications:
              Comparing antislip coatings to improve pallet stabilization.
              Optimizing friction to enhance sliding during movement of the packages.
  Standards: ISO 15359, ISO 8295, ASTM D1894, ASTM D3248, FEFCO n°104, TAPPI T 549

Slow rate penetration resistance

⦁ Determination of the penetration resistance of materials with a sharp edged item.
⦁ Applications:
               Comparing several films to optimize packages with pointed content, f.e. fries, household waste.
  Standard: ASTM F1306

Tensile tests

⦁ Determination of tensile properties of materials.
⦁ Applications:
               Determinating the elastic region of materials (with Young’s modulus)
               Determining of the elongation of flexible or rigid materials
               Determinating the load at break with closure systems, belts, etc.
   Standards: ISO 1184, ISO 1924, ISO 527, DIN 53112

Dart drop test

⦁ Determination of the impact resistance of materials by the free falling dart method.
⦁ Applications :
               Evaluating the impact strength or toughness of materials.
               Evaluating the effect of secondary finishing operations or environmental factors on plastic samples.
   Standards: ISO 7765, ASTM D1709


⦁ Color determination of samples
⦁ Applications :
               Independent color measurements (CIE Lab, LCH, CIE2000,…)
               Comparison of samples before and after sun or UV exposure
   Standard : ISO 11664


⦁ Determination of the opacity of plastics.
⦁ Applications :
               Determination of non-transparency of plastic materials.
               Important property for the characterization of house hold or selective waste collection sacs.
  Standards : Hunter Lab method, ISO 2471


⦁ Determination of the gloss properties of materials.
⦁ Applications :
               Determination how glossy or matt a sample is.
               Comparison of the surface properties of samples.
               Comparison of samples before and after sun or UV exposure.
   Standard : ISO 2813


⦁ Determination of the mass with analytical and precision scales (from 0,1 mg to 32 kg).
⦁ Applications:
               Measuring the grammage of paper and board materials.
               Measuring the water vapor transmission of flexible films.


⦁ Determination of the thickness of materials.
⦁ Application:
               Measuring total thickness of paper/board materials
               Measuring total thickness of plastic materials
               Microscopic analysis of materials to measure total and/or layer thickness, surface area.
   Standards: ISO 3034, ISO 4593, ISO 534, FEFCO n°3, TAPPI T 411, DIN 53105

Tear tester

⦁ Determination of the tear resistance of materials.
⦁ Application:
               Determination of the tear resistance of household waste bags.
               Determination of the tear resistance of paper films.
               Determination of force value needed to tear open the packaging.
   Standards: ISO 1974, ISO 6383, ASTM D1922