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Fundamental applied research

Apart from the company oriented service deliveries and projects the Packaging Technology Centre is also active in the applied, more fundamental PhD research.
This research is oriented towards the 'Screening / improvement of physical / chemical properties of materials (recently also bioplastics) through nanotechnology, chemical modification, additives and / or structural modifications, ...'. Important material properties as gas permeability, mechanical properties and biodegradation characteristics are considered.

This fundamental research is done in collaboration with several research groups from the University of Hasselt, i.e. The research group "Inorganic physical chemistry ' (AFS) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Marlies Van Bael and Prof. Dr. An Hardy and the research group 'Applied Analytical Chemistry' (TANC) led by Prof. Dr. Robert Carleer and Prof. Dr. Jan Yperman.

There are several PhD studies conducted / initiated within our research group. You can find a summary below :

  • Introduction of ceramic nanoparticles in polymers to improve barrier & mechanical properties, 2010, dr. ing. Nadia Lepot
  • Incorporation of specific ZnO nanoparticles in biopolymer matrices to improve gas permeability properties of new packaging materials, 2010, dr. Ken Elen
  • The development of modified thin film poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) membranes for pervaporation and solvent-resistant nanofiltration, 2012, dr. ing. Stan Claes (VITO)
  • Study of zinkoxide coatings to improve gas barrier, UV protection and photodegradation properties of the bioplastic poly(3-hydroxybutyraat-co-hydroxyvaleraat), drs. Lize Jaspers
  • Study of biodegradable polyester blends for food packaging, drs. Ing. Jens Vandewijngaarden
  • Phd study : processing bioplastics – nanotechnology : leadership Prof. Dr. Ludwig Cardon,  HoGent/UGent, VC-Nadia Lepot is co-promotor