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As a PhD student, you will be working intensively on the preparation of your PhD thesis for four years. You will be involved minimally in other tasks such as teaching assignments or rendering services. In this case, you do not apply for a vacancy, but you make a PhD proposal yourself with a funding body.

You will enter into competition with other applicants with the funding body you contacted, and it depends on the quality of your study results if your application text will be selected for funding. It depends on the funding option if more importance is given to your excellent study results or if more importance is given to your abilities to defend your PhD proposal orally in front of a jury of experts (also read PhD scholarships in detail).

With a scholarship statute, you can bury yourself undisturbed into the research field of your choice for four years. You do not enter an existing research project, but you write the application text yourself, and that’s why you have the opportunity to outline your own research path, in consultation with your supervisor.

PhD scholarships in detail

  • UHasselt-scholarships
    Annually, Hasselt University provides about ten PhD scholarships (called DOC-scholarships). This funding option is open to all PhD-candidates with a supervisor at Hasselt University. The 1st of February is the annual deadline to submit an application. We expect the DOC-PhDs to submit an application with an external funder (FWO, IWT, …) during the first year. Here you can find more detailed information about these DOC-scholarships.

  • FWO-scholarships

  • IWT-scholarships

  • Other scholarships