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Step 1 Reenroll as a PhD student. In order to re-enroll, you will receive an e-mail from the student administration on your student e-mail account. Re-enrolment is obligatory but free of charge. Once the date of your defence is known, the studentadministration will contact you with regards to the final payment of the registration.
Step 2 Preparation of the doctoral defence (i.a. evaluation doctoral thesis by doctoral committee, applying for approval by the doctoral school, applying for approval of the jury constitution, invitation jury members,....).

Start making these preparations in time (about 6 months before you plan to defend):

  • For approval doctoral school portfolio:
    • Contact the coordinator of the doctoral school you belong to in order to ask for approval of your doctoral school portfolio. (DS BS&H: Ilse Van Damme; DS H&LS + DS S&T: Stefanie Kerkhofs). The complete procedure is described here

If this is not your last year, discuss with the Administrative Director of your faculty whether you should resubmit a progress report or extension request (template).

Step 3 Please inform at least 6 weeks before your scheduled defence the student administration about your defence (PHDstudentadministration@uhasselt.be)
Step 4 Print doctoral thesis/invitations/announcements: Start with this procedure at least 5 weeks before you want to send your final thesis to the members of the jury.