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AI for Decision Makers


Thanks to the support and financial resources from the Flemish Region and Europe, we are developing a new Training Course  “Successfully transform Strategic Transformations into AI projects”, in collaboration with INNO.COM and SEIN.

The ability of organisations to translate a business challenge to a technological solution dictates the successful adoption of AI in Flanders. One element is key: always take the business’ strategic needs and opportunities as a base to draw up a fitting and concrete AI project, while including a clear-cut business case.

This training course will focus on two target audiences who are both crucial in the successful adoption of AI. For each of these audiences, we’re developing a designated module. These modules will be complementary to each other and transfer essential knowledge and skills to make an AI transformation happen.



Data Warehouse Automation


As the ampunt of data that has to be managed by companies is growing exponentially, data warehouses have become an invaluable asset. In this project, The Agile Information Factory and BIARU join forces to bring datawarehouse automation to the next level by removing manual steps from the configuration process.



Transport with PIT: Innovative processes in the transport industry


This TETRA project aligns the operations of Flemish freight carriers with IT-driven market evolutions through innovation of their business processes and supporting information systems. We developed a digitalisation scale, based on business process management, which allows freight carriers to assess their readiness for e-CMR and Information-on-Demand innovation projects and execute the necessary preparatory actions.