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The research group Business Informatics is directly related to the bachelor and master program of Business and Information Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University. Most of the members of the research group are active in the coordination and/or organisation of many of the courses in these programs and the related programs of the faculty.

The emphasis in the Business and Information Systems Engineering programs is on innovation and upgrading companies to information-driven companies of the 21st century. A business and information systems engineer is therefore a favored force in the labor market.

Education with a future

Students choose a fully-fledged commercial engineering course that prepares them to grow into a visionary and entrepreneurial manager or business expert. The emphasis is on creating value through information. Currently, commercial engineers are scarce professionals for whom there has been a strong demand for many years. As the importance of information within companies increases, the demand for this profile will increase even more.

Opting for innovation

Students choose a study program that is committed to innovation. The course responds to the increasing importance of information in the business world. The core of the programs revolves around the innovation of companies into information-driven companies of the 21st century.

A versatile education

The programs are versatile and offer broad training in the various facets of business. There is a strong focus on quantitative and analytical skills as well as insights into the market, business functions, business processes and the use of information. Thanks to this broad approach students can go in many directions after completing their studies in the business world. The programs prepare you for an all-round high-level manager with strong insights into the information challenges of tomorrow.

Investing in information skills

Right from the start, there is a strong focus on skills to efficiently analyze data and communicate results clearly. These skills will give students a clear head start in their later professional career.

International training

We live in a globalized world and state borders are increasingly blurring in the business world. That is why we try to bring students into contact with this international context during their studies. For example, it is possible to study abroad for one semester during the bachelor's degree and even a full year during the master's degree at the renowned University of Pisa (in English). A foreign company excursion is also planned every other year.

More information about our bachelor and master program can be found here (in Dutch).