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Special Research Fund

The Special Research Fund (Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds, BOF) is a research grant funding allocated by the Flemish government to the universities every year. The grant funding is distributed among the various Flemish universities on the basis of a competitive system. The BOF funds are allocated through project or fellowship funding for fundamental scientific research.

The following is an overview of the various BOF programmes. Click on the programme for more information about it.


BOF programme  Deadline*  Application form**
Bilateral Scientific Cooperation

14 April

1 October
Application form 
BOF Civic PhDs

on hold till further notice

Application form
BOF Small Research Projects 3 Febuary Potential applicants are invited.
BOF Large Research Projects 10 July Application Form
Doctoral Fund 1 March

Application form without FWO application

Application form with FWO application

Doctoral Fund in Cooperation with UNamur 1 March Application form 
Doctoral Fund in Cooperation with ULg  on hold Application form
Doctoral Fund in Cooperation with UM

1 October

Application form
Incentive Funding FWO mandate (pre-doc) - Potential Applicants are invited
Incentive Funding BOF-Tenture Track   Application form
Incentive Funding Consultancy within EU framework programmes   Application form
Incentive Funding Cofinancing 4th year within within EU framework programmes   Application form
Incoming mobility 1 February
15 May
1 October
Application form 
Interuniversity BOF programme (iBOF)

Pre-submission: 5 December 2019

Final submission: 15 June 2020

Application form
Outgoing mobility 1 February
15 May
1 October 
Application form 
Programme with Fachhochschulen throughout the year Application form
Sabbatical  1 February
15 May
1 October
Application form

 * If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is moved to the next working day.


Other programmes
Structural Funding
Policy Reserve
Temporary Mandates
Bonus for Extrernally Acquired Funding
Research Infrastructure Fund