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The BOF 'Methusalem' programme is implemented by independent academic staff members attached to one of the Hasselt University research institutes. Methusalem funding is structural research funding until the end of the recipient’s active professional career. The funds can be used for

  • Scientific staff and administrative and technical staff
  • Operational costs and small items of equipment (<15,000 euros)
  • External researchers and visiting fellows and scholars

Methusalem funding is awarded to Hasselt University independent academic staff members on the basis of the excellence of their research, measured on the basis of objectively measurable and relevant indicators in the field, such as publications, completed PhDs and acquired funding.

Given their limited part in the interuniversity distribution of the Methusalem funding, Hasselt University has decided to use these funds for interuniversity Methusalem projects only.

More information?
Hasselt University contact person: Lieve Tulleneers
Hasselt University Intranet: ‘BOF Interne richtlijnen’ (BOF Internal guidelines)