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The Bilateral Scientific Cooperation programme aims to encourage and strengthen international university cooperation between UHasselt researchers and colleagues from partner countries through (joint) doctoral projects. The BILA programme finances research stays.  In its selection, the Research Council seeks to strike a balance between projects involving science sharing with developing countries and projects that seek links with major international networks.

Proposals must meet the following conditions:

  • applications must be made within the frame of a new or existing partnership with a foreign research group, and must relate to a doctoral project in favour of a foreign doctoral candidate;
  • the candidate must be eligible for admission as a doctoral student on the basis of the UHasselt doctoral regulations;
  • the doctoral student must remain administratively attached to his/her home university or home institution;
  • each stay at Hasselt University should preferably last a maximum of 90 days; preferably one stay per year;
  • the doctorate must be (co-)supervised by the Hasselt University research group (promoter and copromoter, advisory committee);
  • If a promoter already has two ongoing BOF-BILA Projects, he cannot submit a new application.
  • prior to the start of the doctorate, there must be an agreement with the home institution about whether this will be a joint PhD or a UHasselt PhD;
  • prior to the start of the doctorate, negotiations on the conclusion of a partnership agreement governing the joint supervision and awarding of a doctorate diploma must have started; the agreement must have been concluded before the second stay at UHasselt; only after this will the funds for the second and subsequent stays be released;
  • the maximum number of months funded by Hasselt University in a BILA application is 9 months, or exceptionally 12 months, depending on the possibilities and funding by the foreign partner.

Proposals are submitted on the application form.

There are two deadlines every year: 1 April and 1 October. If this falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is moved to the next working day at 5 pm.

More information
Hasselt University contact person: Elke Bos
Hasselt University Intranet: ‘BOF Interne richtlijnen’