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The main objective of this call is to strengthen collaboration between research partners of the University of Hasselt and Maastricht UMC+ in the area of Life Sciences.


A Special Research Fund UHasselt – Maastricht UMC+ will provide funding for double doctorate degree projects in the framework of the joint PhD programme between Maastricht UMC+ and UHasselt. Both universities will support the salary costs of two halftime PhD candidates for a maximum of four years in close collaboration, leading to a double doctoral degree (2 separate degrees) between Hasselt University and Maastricht UMC+/Maastricht University. There will be one single defense, recognized by both institutions.

Thus, four 50% PhD grants are provided. For the other half matching is required by the hosting laboratories/research groups/institutes.

Per PhD grant, an overall bench fee of € 5.000,- will be funded by both UHasselt BOF and Maastricht UMC+. The remaining running costs will have to be covered by the hosting laboratories.

The fellowship at Hasselt University has an initial duration of two years and is renewable for a second period of two years after a positive evaluation at the end of the second year. This evaluation will be based upon the progress report, produced by the candidate, for the doctoral committee and the doctoral committee's advice.

The appointment at Maastricht University has an initial duration of one year and is renewable for a period of three years after a positive evaluation at the end of the first year. This evaluation will be based upon the progress report, produced by the candidate, for the doctoral committee and the doctoral committee’s advice.

Eligibility citeria

  1. This programme is open for PhD projects in collaboration between Hasselt University and Maastricht UMC+ in the domains of (interdisciplinary) research in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Interdisciplinary applications will also be considered.
  2. The project has to enhance the collaboration between UHasselt and Maastricht UMC+.
  3. The project description in the application will present the doctoral research (problem statement, objectives & methodology) and, as far as possible, an indication of the work plan and time schedule including an indicative time schedule for the time spent at UHasselt and Maastricht UMC+ (50%-50%).
  4. The applications must be submitted by the collaborating supervisors of the future PhD candidate: a UHasselt supervisor who can act as 'promoter' cf. section 9 of the UHasselt doctoral regulations and a supervisor from Maastricht UMC+.


Evaluation criteria?

Scientific quality of the proposal:

  • scientific quality of the proposal
  • quality of the research environment including excellence of lab (infrastructure, supervision, past experience, …)
  • embedding of proposed project in research policy of the hosting research institute/group/school.
  • contribution to regional (Maastricht/Hasselt) development (societal impact)
  • elements of valorization

Quality of collaboration:

  • explain how the project will enhance the collaboration between both universities
  • indicate prospect of more sustainable collaboration
  • involvement of other partners of the lab or external partnership should be clearly stated whenever requested to carry out research
  • collaboration between supervisors (UHasselt & UM)
  • equal involvement of both sides (UHasselt & UM)



Assessment procedure?

  • A joint selection committee (UHasselt and Maastricht UMC+) will discuss all applications and prepare a selection that shall be submitted to the Bureau of the Research Council and the Board of the Maastricht UMC+. The final selection will be confirmed by the SLS Board and the Research Council and Board of Directors at Hasselt University.

Time line?

  • Applicants of the selected projects will be informed in August 2017. The projects must start within six months after approval.

More information?

Maastricht UMC+:
Ingrid Leijs
E-mail: i.leijs@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Tel: +31 6 39265775

Hasselt University:
Lieve Tulleneers
E-mail: lieve.tulleneers@uhasselt.be
Tel: +32 11 26 90 41


01.04.2017, 17h00