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The main objective of this call is to strengthen collaboration between research partners of Hasselt University and Maastricht University in the area of Law.


A Special Research Fund UHasselt – Maastricht University will provide funding for double doctorate degree mandates in the framework of the joint PhD programme between Maastricht University and UHasselt. Each universities will support the salary costs of one PhD candidates for a maximum of four years in close collaboration, leading to a double doctoral degree (2 separate degrees) between Hasselt University and Maastricht University. For these two appointments each partner university launches a separate call for selection (details below). 

PhD appointment (fellowship) at UHasselt

Applications in the framework of this call for an appointment at Hasselt University can be submitted at BOF@uhasselt.be. Deadline for this call is 15.03.2018.

The fellowship at Hasselt University has an initial duration of two years and is renewable for a second period of two years after a positive evaluation at the end of the second year. This evaluation will be based on the progress report, produced by the candidate for the doctoral committee and on the doctoral committee's advice.

PhD appointment at Maastricht University

Applications in the framework of this call for an appointment at Maastricht University can be submitted at Maastricht University. 
More information: https://www.academictransfer.com/employer/UM/vacancy/44211/lang/en/
! Different deadline: Deadline of this call at Maastricht University is 05.03.2018.


  • This programme is open to applicants (without restriction to gender, nationality or age) who want to prepare their PhD in collaboration with Maastricht University and Hasselt University in the domain of law.
  • The applications must be submitted by the PhD candidate together with the collaborating supervisors: one UHasselt supervisor who can act as 'promoter' cf. section 9 of the UHasselt doctoral regulations and one supervisor from Maastricht University




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More information?

Regarding applications through the current call, with appointment at UHasselt:

Hasselt University:
Lieve Tulleneers
E-mail: lieve.tulleneers@uhasselt.be
Tel: +32 11 26 90 41

Maastricht University, faculty of Law:
Patrick Van Eijs,
e-mail: patrick.vaneijs@maastrichtuniversity.nl
tel: +31 43 388 20 27


Maastricht University: 05/03/2018
Hasselt University: 15/03/2018