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Call for proposals 2021


The UHasselt BOF Doctoral Fund and the ULiège Joint PhD Programme provide funding for PhD fellowships in the framework of the cooperation between University of Liège and Hasselt University. Both universities provide funding to cofinance 2 fulltime PhD-fellowships in close collaboration leading to a joint doctoral degree (2 separate diplomas, referring to the collaboration).

The fellowships have an initial duration of two years and are renewable for a second period of two years after a positive evaluation at the end of the second year. This evaluation will be based upon the progress report, produced by the candidate, for the doctoral committee and the doctoral committee’s advice.

The candidate will be appointed at both universities for 50% during the entire PhD.

This year’s call is limited to the domains of Law and Business Economics.


  • This programme is open to all applicants[1] without restriction to gender, nationality or age.
  • Graduates with a relevant Master degree and excellent grades.
    Motivated and determined researchers possessing first-rate analytical and writing skills.
    Final-year (master) students are (likewise) encouraged to apply if they have proven research skills.
  • Candidates who have already started their PhD research, but are not employed as resident PhD researchers.

[1] This call is open to candidate PhD students, without restriction to gender, nationality or age. Since this concerns mandates in the scholarship statute, the circular of the Belgian Ministry of Finance regarding the exemption conditions of doctoral scholarships applies. This states, among other things, that employment contracts may not be replaced by a doctoral scholarship.


  • The applicant can apply within only one channel of the BOF doctoral fund of UHasselt (joint PhD or UHasselt doctoral fund)
  • The applications must be submitted by the PhD-candidate signed by both an UHasselt promoter (cf. section 9 of the UHasselt doctoral regulations) and an ULiège promotor
  • Application form
  • Send to BOF@uhasselt.be and recherche@uliege.be

Deadline and timing?

  • Deadline: 30.04.2021, 17h00: Deadline submission of applications
  • End of May 2021: Evaluation
  • End of June 2021: Final Decision


Assessment criteria?

  • Scientific quality of the candidate:
    • Study results
    • Motivation and relevant competences
  • Scientific quality of the proposal:
    • quality of the research approach (methodology) and feasibility of the project
    • quality of the research environment including excellence of lab (infrastructure, supervision, past experience, …)
  • Quality of collaboration:
    • embedding of proposed project in research policy of the hosting research institute/group/school
    • explain how the project will enhance the collaboration between both universities
    • indicate prospect of more sustainable collaboration
    • equal involvement of both sides

The applications will be assessed by a selection committee appointed for that purpose by both Research Councils.
The evaluation will be based on a scoring grid.

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