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The UHasselt BOF doctoral fund and the ULg Joint PhD programme provide funding for PhD fellowships in the framework of the cooperation between University of Liège and Hasselt University. Both universities provide funding to cofinance 2 PhD fellowships in close collaboration leading to a joint doctoral degree (2 separate certificates).
The fellowships have an initial duration of two years and are renewable for a second period of two years after a positive evaluation at the end of the second year. This evaluation will be based upon the progress report, produced by the candidate, for the doctoral committee and the doctoral committee's advice.
This programme will provide funding for PhDs in two specific domains per call.

Two fields are chosen every year within which applications can be submitted.

  • 2017: (interior)architecture or research in biomedical/medical sciences or interdisciplinary biological research within life sciences.
    The PhD must fit within at least one of the selected disciplines of UHasselt and ULg. Interdisciplinary applications in both areas will also be considered
  • 2018: Engineering & “STEM”/ Mathematics, Informatics, Sciences & Technology.

All prospective doctoral students (regardless of gender, age and nationality) who wish to prepare a doctorate within the defined field in cooperation with the University of Liège are eligible, provided that they can enter into a scholarship contract for PhD scholarship holder.

Proposals are submitted on the application form by the prospective doctoral student together with a promoter associated with Hasselt University, who can act as promoter (cf. section 9 of the UHasselt doctoral regulations) and a promoter associated with the University of Liège (ULg). Applications must be submitted simultaneously to Hasselt University (BOF@uhasselt.be) and ULg (ARD@ulg.ac.be). Both promoters must attach their CV to the application.


  • 1 March – 5 pm
  • April  –  May: discussion in the Research Councils of Hasselt University and ULg
  • June: announcement of selection

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