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The Hasselt University Doctoral Fund provides funding for PhD fellowships at Hasselt University.

Within the BOF Doctoral Fund programme, funding is available for personal fellowships leading towards a doctorate. The fellowships have an initial duration of two years and are renewable for a second period of two years after a positive mid-term review, on the basis of the doctoral student’s progress report and the advice of the Doctoral Committee Applications to the Doctoral Fund need not necessarily have the classic form of 2 x 2 years: shorter periods are also possible.

Hasselt University requires every doctoral student with a Hasselt University BOF Fellowship to also apply for external funding: an FWO PhD fellowship doctoral grant for Strategic Basic Research, or any other externally funded scholarship. It is recommended that, if possible, such an application should be submitted in parallel with applying for a scholarship from the Doctoral Fund.

All prospective doctoral students (regardless of gender, age and nationality) are eligible for a doctorate at one of the faculties/schools, provided that they can enter into a scholarship contract for PhD scholarship holder.

Proposals are submitted on the application form by the prospective doctoral student together with a promoter associated with Hasselt University, who can act as promoter (section 9 of the UHasselt doctoral regulations). An external co-promoter or second external promoter (in the case of a joint degree) will be asked to attach a CV to the application.
Application form without FWO application
Application form with FWO application

1 March (if this falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is moved to the next working day at 5 pm).

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Hasselt University contact person: Sara Schaeken
Hasselt University Intranet: ‘BOF Interne richtlijnen’ (BOF Internal guidelines)