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The BOF New Initiatives programme provides funding for research projects within Hasselt University.

The New Initiatives (NI) programme allocates funds to employ a predoctoral researcher in a scholarship contract for a period of four years. The programme includes a limited bench fee.

To encourage participation in funding programmes for fundamental research, Hasselt University has opted to link the programme to the FWO programme  'Regular Research Projects' (deadline 1 April).  Only project proposals submitted to the FWO are eligible for Hasselt University funding under the BOF-NI programme.


The BOF New Initiatives programme is open to all research groups of Hasselt University. The new BOF NI are selected from the list of submitted but not honoured FWO projects. The promoter must belong to the ZAP (senior academic staff, incl. ZAP-track) of UHasselt. The co-promoters must belong to the ZAP, the permanent postdoctoral researchers or the permanent staff of the integrated facullties.
Any promoter who is in the running for a New Initiative, based on the above criteria, will receive an additional application form from the Research Coordination Office, which will be used for the discussion and selection within the Research Council.

Besides the regular FWO project applications, the lead agency projects with the same submission deadline (1 April) are also eligible for a BOF New Initiative.


  • 1  April, 5 pm at FWO. If this falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is moved to the following Monday at 5 pm
  • 16 January: Submission internal application form

Discussion and Selection in the Research Council in March of the Year after the FWO application.

  • February: First discussion within the faculties by the faculty members of the Research Council
  • March: Discussion and selection in the UHasselt Reserach Council
  • April: Selection NI will be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors
  • Oktober: Start of the mandate

More information
Hasselt University contact person: Lieve Tulleneers
Hasselt University Intranet: ‘BOF Interne richtlijnen’ (BOF Internal guidelines)