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Hasselt University reserves part of the BOF funds every year for the BOF research infrastructure Fund. By adding these funds to the FWO Research Infrastructure funds, Hasselt University is able to expand its research infrastructure once every four years.

FWO launches a Research Infrastructure call every two years, our University Association (AUHL) only participates once every four years. In years when  AUHL does not open the FWO call for applications, the BOF Equipment Fund can be called upon to participate as a co-funder for an application for medium-scale research infrastructure which is submitted to another University Association.

The BOF Research Infrastructure Fund can also be called upon as a co-funder for an application for large-scale research infrastructure.

An application for support from the BOF Research Infrastructure Fund can only be launched in the context of a FWO call for Research Infrastructure. Applications can only be submitted by members of the independent academic staff (ZAP) of Hasselt University.

More information?
Hasselt University contact person: Lieve Tulleneers
Hasselt University Intranet: ‘BOF Interne richtlijnen’ (BOF Internal guidelines)