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The European Social Fund (ESF) is one of the  European Structural and Investments Funds (ESIF).  It is the most important European instrument used to support employment, be more effective in helping people find jobs and to ensure fairer employment opportunities for all EU citizens.
In Flanders the ESF Agency is responsible for the implementation and the management of the ESF programme in Flanders.

For whom?
In principle, every organisation with legal personality can submit a project with the ESF Agency.  It is, however, always advised to carefully read the call for which you want to submit a project. Restrictions can be imposed per call.

Project applications can only be submitted during an open call. The ESF Agency launches calls on the basis of developments within the Flemish labour market. Every call falls within the priorities of the ESF programme. An overview of the open calls can be found on the website of the ESF.

In 2014, the new European programme period started. This meant the start of a new programme period for the European Social Fund as well. Europe establishes guidelines in consultation with the various EU member states, within which the member states can set priorities themselves in accordance with their own needs. The negotiations on the details of the new operational programme are still ongoing. As soon as there is insight into the priorities of the new programme, you will find that information here.

More information?
Contact Hasselt University: Annelies Stockmans
Or on the website of the ESF