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The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) is the best-known Flemish funding body for basic research. The FWO has various programmes available to fund promising researchers, research projects, international mobility and partnerships. All scientific disciplines are eligible (unless stated otherwise). The allocation of funds in each case is based on an inter-university competition.

FWO Programme  Deadline 
PhD fellowship February*
Doctoral grant strategic basic research 17 September 2018
Postdoctoral fellowship February*
Research projects April*
Research grants April*
EOS new call expected in 2021
Applied Biomedical Research with a Primary Social finality (TBM)  23th of March 2018
Strategic Basic Research (SBO) projects 11 October 2019
Travel Grant for a short stay abroad 3 months in advance 
Travel Grant for a long stay abroad 3 months in advance 
Grant for participation in an international conference  3 months in advance 
Grant for participation in an international workshop or course 3 months in advance 
[PEGASUS]² Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships   
Sabbatical leave 1 April
1 October 

Medium-scale and Large-scale research infrastructure


 * If this day falls within a weekend, the deadline moves to the next Monday.